How We Do It

With Your Help We Provide School Supplies And Everyday Necessities To Many Local Non-Government Funding Organizations.For Further Information Please Feel Free To Contact Dominic.

Why We Do It

As A Foster Child Dominic Was Blessed With The Opportunity Of Being Adopted. Which Not Every Child Is As Fortunate To Experience. Dominic Is Wanting To Bring Awareness of Children's Daily Necessities And The Need For More Loving Foster Parents.


​To equip underprivileged children, with focus on foster children, with school supplies and everyday needs to help inspire hope for their future.

What We Do

We Provide School Supplies And Everyday Necessities To Help Underprivileged Children And Foster Children.
In The United States There Are Approximately 500,000 Children That Go Through The Foster Care System. Of That Little More Than Half Return To Their Home Environment Which Leaves 184,000 Children To Spend The Entire Year In Foster Care And Of That About 10% Of That Number Age Out Of The Foster Care System Entirely.